With quality, speed and competitive price, 

you will get extremely clean, neat and consistent cuts.

We can etch the markings on some of the fabrics that reduce sewing time and errors.

With your needs and best interests in mind, our experts will always use diligence in getting the maximum yields by arranging (technical term: nesting) your material to make maximum use of it.

To learn more on nesting, please check this out:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nesting_(process)

Save labor, material, tools and other cutting related costs.

  • No need for you to hire and pay your own cutting employees.
    • No cost of wages & payroll taxes.
    • No cost of employee comp insurance & health insurance.
    • No cost of related administrative costs.
      • Keeping the records.
      • Filing and reporting to the government.
  • No need for you to buy cutting tools, maintain and repair them.