Materials Cut Engrave
Fabric (cotton, denim, and blended fabrics) X X
Felt, Tackle twill X X
Ballistic/military fabrics X X
Cordura, Kevlar X X
Lycra and other synthetic fabrics X X
Natural and synthetic leather X X
Suede, Fleece X X
Suede, Fleece
Paper X X
Cardboard X X
Pressboard X X
Foam (Depron, EPM) X X
Cork X X
MDF – Medium density fiberboard X X
Matte board X X
Materials Cut Engrave
Wood Veneer X X
Wood X X
Mylar X X
Plastic X X
Rubber (only if they do not contain chlorine) X X
Delrin X X
Acrylic X X
Corian X X
Melamine X X
Glass (tempered) and Crystal X
Ceramics X
Marble, Onyx and Stones X
Tile X
Suede, Fleece

We keep lots of commonly used wood and acrylic materials in stock, such as birch plywood and clear acrylic.

To make sure that the right materials are used for their projects, many of our customers prefer to have an online store or supplier ship the materials directly to our address.

Google or check out Amazon, ebayLowes or Home Depot.

If you prefer, we can purchase the material for you

If you don’t see your material on our list, please contact us for testing.

Please note: we don’t cut or engrave materials that contain PVC (polyvinyl chloridedue to the toxic fume it produces during laser cutting.

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